Golf Instruction

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Get A Grip Golf Performance is dedicated to analyzing an individual’s body movements and helping you understand how each unique movement creates your current swing. We take into consideration age and physical limitations to retrain specific movements to get you to your best golf swing!

For players interested in upgrading their equipment, we also handle club fittings, re-gripping, and club repair. Using poorly fit equipment not only makes you more susceptible to injuries, but it also limits the effectiveness of your swing. Club fitting is an essential piece of any comprehensive lesson plan.

What sets us apart is an improvement plan based on what you physically can or cannot do. We don’t just stop at telling you what you struggle with, we will also provide individualized exercise programs to retrain movements to improve your swing! We use K-Vest Motion Measurement to tell us how effectively your body moves throughout your swing. This allows us to compare with PGA Tour Averages! Launch monitor data allows us to help you fine-tune your club distances as well. To top it off, you’ll take home a lesson review with video analysis and practice routine including drills to help you achieve your goals. All of these allow us to provide a high-quality lesson experience and a relaxed learning environment to promote consistency.

We are based out of the Phoenix/ Mesa, AZ area.

Currently, lessons are available at

2155 S Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202